You are entering your medical externship placement or received your diploma and now are ready to start your CFY. It’s like the first day of school but this time you do not need a new swanky lunch box, you need comfortable Scrubs and necessary medical SLP accessories. This is by no means an exhaustive list and many will, of course, have different opinions but perhaps this is a list that may get you started. Please comment below if you have other suggestions.

KOI Women’s Stretch Scrub Pants

No matter what you choose, choose comfort. Nothing is worse than sandpaper scrubs.

ICU- Barco Women’s- 5 Pocket Lab Coat

The most comfortable lab coats have large pockets for papers, tablets, pens, tongue blades and thickener packets (yes, you’ll see!). I would suggest looking for the 5-pocket lab coat.

Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog

Again, comfort is key as you sprint those hallways!

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch

These greatly vary in price. I would shoot for the less expensive option as it is still quality. Once you lose one or two, you’ll know what I mean.

METALITE Reusable Penlight Standard

Nothing like an inexpensive solid pen-light for those oral-mech exams.


Additional resources for new clinicians

Dysphagia Books

Dysphagia Course: Understanding the events of normal and abnormal swallowing




    • Well said, Jordan. I love this blog but this isn’t the first time that posts have so blatantly implied that all SLPs are women. I recall being instructed to wear a labcoat during my internship and finding out that they were all women’s. I respectfully told my supervisor no.

  1. I would add: 1. Power bars/protein bars and portable snacks like 100 calorie packs of nuts because lunch is not a guarantee or always long enough! 2. A good re-useable water bottle because you need to hydrate 🙂 3. A watch – if your facility works in military time it is nice to have one in military time. Get a cheap athletic watch as you will have lots of Purell and some spills on it! You could use your cell phone for the time but it is much more professional to look at your watch than you have your cell phone out. 4. Pens, pencils, dry erase markers. **LAB COAT: My recommendation is do not buy a lab coat until you know your facility’s SLPs wear one. A lot of places don’t and you will stick out like a newbie if you walk in day 1 with one. STETHOSCOPE: Please only buy one if you know how to do cervical auscultation (CA) and if the SLPs on the team use CA as well. You do not want to come in day 1 using one when others don’t. Wait to speak to them and then educate them on CA if they want to learn. CROCS: Make sure you facility allows crocs. Many do not (including my facility). Many only allow sneakers and clogs. ***My end message, is speak to your supervisor and colleagues before buying anything! You want to be in line with their dress code and standards. Plus you want to not try and not totally stick out as a newbie 🙂
    (I work at an acute inpatient rehab hospital).