The 2nd installment of Down the Hatch Podcast (Swallowing Podcast hosted by Alicia Vose and Ianessa Humbert) entitled “Asked and Answered”.

Topics of discussion include:

  • How important is oral care for individuals with dysphagia?
  • How soon PO trials can be tested after intubation?
  • Is DRS (Dysphagia Research Society) a useful meeting for swallowing clinicians?
  • How can a clinician  step out of his/her comfort zone?
  • Does the SLP have a role in managing esophageal disorders?


  1. Thank you for sharing your responses to the conference. It was timely for me because we are developing a competency for our newly hired therapists regarding extubation and dysphagia evaluations. I would like to have more information on the Marvin poster board presentation. Could you provide any additional contact information.
    Again, thank you for the lively discussion and I particularly liked the “interruptive clarification comments”.