This is the part where I spread out a host of resolutions: Cross Fit Training, become a vegan, buy a Ferrari, never touch honey thick liquids with a ten foot pole…Wait, this is not about me.

Once upon a time, in March 2013, Dysphagia Cafe set out to facilitate a community for the Dysphagia Therapist. The hope was not to create an advice forum or individual expert page, but a community that is supported by scientists and clinicians from all corners of the earth. We are fortunate to have subscribers from Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and everywhere in between. Whether one calls it Disfagia or Dysphagia or one identifies as an SLP or an SLT, it has been a pleasure to see what happens when all clinicians start to communicate in the same clinical language.

It is always a good idea to reflect on humble beginnings, that is why I really appreciated the recent article from Dr. Groher on The historical role of SLP in dysphagia management. There have been countless amazing guest posts that have made this site’s content rich and diverse. Personally, I have enjoyed the amazing networking and feel fortunate to have met a lot of brilliant and inspiring people along the way. Here are a portion of the topics we covered in 2016.

Diverse Populations

Dysphagia in Total Laryngectomy

Dysphagia in Parkinson’s Disease

Mechanical Ventilation and Dysphagia

Head Neck Cancer and Dysphagia

Sleep Disordered Breathing and Dysphagia


Hot Topics Trending is Dysphagia Research and Practice

Objective Measures for Liquid Viscosity

New Trends in Telehealth

Standardized Patients

Interprofessional education and Preparing Students for Dysphagia Practice

Heart Rate Variability and SLP Role in managing Stress and Anxiety


Therapeutic Gold

Expiratory Muscle Strength Training

Pharyngeal Constriction

Challenging the Swallow

Passionate vs Dispassionate Clinical Practice

Needless to say, I am having a blast in the geekiest way possible. I am hoping you are finding this community to be in good taste for the purpose of learning and growing for the benefit of our patients. Your financial support is always appreciated and not taken for granted.

I am looking forward to help make Dysphagia Cafe a richer and tighter community in 2017.

Happy New Year!!!