TITLE: Dysphagia: A Symptom of a Greater Diagnostic Profile

WHEN: October 17, 2020


AUDIENCE: Undergraduate, graduate students, Clinical Fellows, Clinicians who would like to transition from school-based SLP to medical-based SLP.

DESCRIPTION: This 90-minute Enrichment Webinar appropriate for the graduate student or newly licensed SLP will focus on the role of the Medical SLP in the management of dysphagia as a symptom of a greater diagnostic profile. We will address the proverbial “elephant in the room” – Is all aspiration dysphagia? Is all dysphagia aspiration? And discuss how to critically think about this relationship. We will talk about clinical judgement and the role of instrumental assessment (MBSS, FEES) in the identification and management of dysphagia in the medical setting. Attendees should grow in their confidence to make patient specific recommendations, that align with individual and family goals of care. Please come to grow during this dynamic enrichment webinar! This beginner webinar is not offered for CEUs but offered for continued knowledge!

This webinar is now closed! We really appreciate everyone who joined us! Stay tuned for more Enrichment Webinars to be announced, soon!