I was searching through my vault (manilla folders stacked high on the top shelf of my closet) reminiscing about old times. I brought down the stack of treasures and blew off the dust of each folder. I flipped proudly through each article. My eyes lit-up at the multi-color highlights, usually on the abstract. I usually highlighted in yellow, orange or blue. However, when I saw green highlights, I knew this article must’ve been one that I studied for a final. I see angry shorthand and illegible writing in the margins. Each article I Pulled, I must’ve read 10-15 times in graduate school, at the time, trying to truly understand its practical implication. Reading these articles several years later, one can say, ah-ha, it makes complete sense. Here are some of those articles I dusted off. My hope is that if they don’t make complete sense, right now, you will keep them close, so one day, you can write a short blog post, too. Below is not an exhaustive list by any means, but a great start or compliment to any literature library. Enjoy!

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