University of Essex in the UK, Speech and Language Society are planning to eat a purely pureed diet for one week beginning on the 4th November 2013. That means completely blended meals at every meal time, as well as things like mashed banana for a snack!  All donations go to the National Stroke Association as they also hope to raise a little awareness of dysphagia.

This is a worthy cause that helps to raise money for a great cause.

Approximately 150,000 people have a stroke every year in Britian alone.

Now if you need motivation to donate,  SLT (also known as SLPs) students who eat purely puree for one week, surely deserve a modest donation. I wonder how much it would take to get them to eat Puree fish and chips? Here’s a sample menu for these courageous and creative souls.Essex MenuClick to find out more and donate donate donate!

Thank you!