Down the Hatch!

Check out this first installment of a new podcast called “Down the Hatch”!
Here’s a synopsis:

“Not all swallowing clinicians have access to instrumental examinations, such as videofluoroscopy or fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing, but almost all swallowing clinicians can do clinical examinations. In this episode of Down the Hatch, Ianessa and Alicia weigh in on the merits of leaning too heavily on either clinical examinations or instrumental examinations to diagnose swallowing impairments.”


  1. I have taken a look at as much information as I can absorb in a short period of time at 75 years of age. I spoke to a friend about the effect of the Pandemic on Diagnostic Tests performed in SNFs during the Pandemic. My friend said that her company’s volume of Swallowing Tests performed dropped by 75% during the Pandemic. She also stated that staff at customer’s SNFs has told her that patients were not allowed to have tests because the Facility Administrator would not allow the Test Provider to come into the building and that since census was so low that there was no budget for the tests due to low occupancy. Could this be the case in so many SNFs? What happened to Universal Precaution? I wonder how many deaths were attributed to Covid when actually the patient had Aspiration Pnuemonia? Can you help me understand this situation better? Thanks, JimSutton


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