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George Barnes, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

George Barnes MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S has developed an expertise in dysphagia with a focus on diagnostics in the medically complex population through his dedication to a variety of medical settings. He is co-founder of FEESible Swallow Solutions, a mobile speech pathology company dedicated to improving patient access to high-quality dysphagia services. George has a track record of supporting the field of speech pathology by paying his knowledge forward to other professionals via graduate-level education, clinical fellowship and student supervision, the Student to Empowered Professional (STEP) mentorship program, The Medical SLP Collective mentorship service, ASHA special interest groups, peer review for ASHA course material, the SIG13 Dysphagia Editorial Committee, the NJSHA Dysphagia Subcommittee, and participation in various interdisciplinary teams and committees in the hospital setting. He has earned multiple ASHA ACE Awards and leads his field through education and training in dysphagia management. George pioneers innovative research and clinical techniques aimed to improve efficiency and accuracy in dysphagia management. He is currently building a risk assessment calculation tool for aspiration pneumonia. With a passion for food and a deep appreciation for the joy and connection it gives to our lives, he has dedicated his life to helping others enjoy this simple, but deep-rooted pleasure. Affiliations: FEESible Swallow Solutions LLC. Looking for a presenter? George specializes in dysphagia management in patients with medical complexity. Some topics he has presented on include trach/vent management, critical thinking and decision making, and aspiration pneumonia risk management.