SLPs working in the trenches, this is for you.

How do I know if I am working in the trenches?

  1. Does it take you >10 minutes to find a clean spoon?
  2. Oral care suction attachments considered a luxury item?
  3. You are the “transport team” for Video Fluoroscopic Swallow Studies
  4. You are the “lift team” to get the patient to the gurney to transport him to radiology
  5. Your blue dye is left over blueberries
  6. Trachs do not downsize, patients self-decannulate
  7. You buy your own tongue blades at CVS
  8. No visual difference between Puree and Regular Solids
  9. Your name is “Swallow” (Well…that’s everywhere, I suppose)
  10. Ice chips are ice cubes

Well, no one is in the perfect clinical situation. However, I salute those amazing clinicians who are creative and innovative enough to manage your dysphagia patients minus “the extras.”

I look forward to dedicating future posts on how to navigate Dysphagia management while working in the trenches.