So, how does one celebrate the fact that a little white and blue “thumbs up” has been pressed 3000 times? Prizes? Don’t really have anything to give away, yet : ). Well, I suppose a brief, yet deep, manuscript about “friends” and “likes” may be suffice.

Should I now call you friend? 

Once upon a time I could say that I had, oh, about 10 friends. I could name them and count them on my fingers. Now, they weren’t mutually exclusive friends and often times most of those 10 friends could be seen together. So, one could say, my friends were friends. Often time when my friends and I would get together we would meet up with their own individual friends and we would all get along because we were friends of friends.  I would assume, for the sake of argument, that they liked me, that is, my actual friends not the exponential type. We would go out and eat, drink and do friendly things. Because we spent so much time together, there was an ongoing sentiment that we liked each other. Now, very rarely, if ever, did I say, “I like you, friend” unless we were healing from a particular argument.


Never did I ever ask for a thumbs up nor receive a thumbs up from a friend or a friend of a friend. Thumbs up, I think, was always assumed because we were sharing time together. Honestly, it never occurred to me to ask my friends to share. I mean, I remember my Mom would always tell me to share my GI Joe or Transformers, but I assumed if we were eating lunch together, we were both the sharing-type. I don’t know, I suppose I can tell some other friends, who my friend is friendly with, that we shared lunch together. Now unless it was a confidential lunch, I would surely keep it a secret and not make it public for all to know. Yeah, the type of lunches, where friends talk close to a whisper or feel comfortable sending pieces of paper across the table so others could not hear; essentially private messages. I never had a private message at lunch, but I suppose anything can happen when you are sharing time with friends you like. 

dclogo-lefttoright-c-tilt-whiteback.jpgThanks for liking Dysphagia Cafe 3000 times

I thank you all for liking Dysphagia Cafe. And though I can proudly call some of you friends, thank you most of all for being friends of friends. Many of you have expressed liking Dysphagia Cafe and I do not take that for granted. Many have shared your thoughts and opinions and I am appreciative about how we are all getting along. Please continue to get along and make this a great community. If you have any pressing thoughts on how to make Dysphagia Cafe the best and friendliest place on the web…feel free to private message me.

Yours Truly,

Jonathan M Waller