As an SLP student we have a lot to keep track of! In the beginning, we have to log observation hours. I always thought of myself as a very organized person, but undergrad and grad school can become so hectic. I once lost one of my observation logs and had to redo the whole thing. This is when I came up with the idea of starting an excel spreadsheet to log my hours. I would also take an iphone picture of all my paper logs, just in case I lost the original I would have a back-up.  Once clinicals started, I would log all my hours at the end of the day on my excel spreadsheet. However, I noticed, even this became cumbersome. Then I came up with the idea of an iphone app to log my hours quickly after each client I saw. Being an amateur to coding with iphone software, I called my uncle, who recently made his own iphone music app, and asked him if he was interested in doing a project with me.  A couple months later MedSLP iphone app was created and just in time for me to try it out during my last month of clinicals. I loved it. After we fixed a few bugs we launched it and I was pleased that I would be able to help other student SLP’s as they embarked on their clinicals and hopefully make the whole process a little smoother.

How the app works:

The Default hours adhere to KASA standards as of 2013. During Internships/affiliations, one can track the type of therapy, diagnoses, or population if you choose. The user can add any Diagnosis type if not represented in the default setting already. The user can quickly log hours during the day to reduce the risk of forgetting. The user can visualize progress through reports that include total hours left and pie charts. These pie charts also help gage if the user would need extended time in the clinical setting if at risk for not reaching a certain amount of hours. This app has the capability to E-mail reports, as a PDF, to the clinical supervisor or academic advisor.

A new update has the capability to change the goal hours from 30 – 1260 so current SLP’s can modify the app for  tracking 30 CEU’s and CF’s can track their 1260 hours.

You can find the app at…

Also if you would like to see any other updates to make the app even more efficient just write a post on MedSLPs Facebook page at we are happy to hear feedback and always looking to improve the app.