This is the part where I spread out a host of resolutions: Eat better, lose weight, buy a Porsche, never touch honey thick liquids with a ten foot pole…Wait, this is not about me.

Once upon a time, in March 2013, Dysphagia Cafe set out to facilitate a community for the Dysphagia Therapist. The hope was not to create an advice forum or individual expert page, but a community that is supported by experts from all corners of the earth. There has been some amazing guest blog posts that have made this site’s content rich and diverse.Personally, I have enjoyed the amazing networking and feel fortunate to have met a lot of brilliant and inspiring people along the way. We learned about Dr. Michael Crary’s favorite coffee and a little something about dysphagia rehabilitation. We talked about cities like Reykyavik, Iceland and we learned that Mash Mission is a really cool way the English say, “Let’s fundraise for a good cause by eating puree food.”  I finally feel somewhat confident about using #hashtags and am no longer afraid to use “SLPEEPS” when referring to colleagues in the plural.

Happy New YearNeedless to say, I am having a blast in the geekiest way possible. I am hoping you are finding this community to be in good taste for the purpose of learning and growing for the benefit of our patients.

I am looking forward to help make Dysphagia Cafe a brighter, richer and tighter community in 2014.

Have any clinical resolutions? Please leave them in the comments box to share.

Happy New Year!!!

#Dysphagia Cafe : )