Like and Share if you are a fan of the 3 oz Water Swallow Test. Reference below

I am actually a big fan of the 3-oz water swallow test. I know it does not apply in every clinical situation, but I believe the concept is valuable and gives more powerful bedside information. Thoughts?

Suiter, D.M., & Leder, S.B. (2008).Clinical utility of the 3-ounce water swallow test. Dysphagia, 23, 244–250.


  1. In certain situations I am a fan of the 3-oz test. It has helped me to make a better diagnoses when the bedside wooed no overt signs, but something just didn’t feel right.

  2. I like it for those cases where you think, there’s no way this person is not aspirating. I don’t have them “chug-a-lug”, but I will have them take more volume of thin. It definitely makes bedside exams more powerful


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