Online Course from MedBridge presented by Ianessa Humbert, PhD, CCC-SLP 

Course Description:

This course, with Dr. Ianessa Humbert, offers an in-depth assessment of six important swallowing events:

  1. Triggering the swallow
  2. Posterior lingual propulsion
  3. Velar elevation
  4. Pharyngeal constriction and elevation
  5. Laryngeal vestibule closure
  6. Upper esophageal sphincter opening.

For each swallowing event, normal and abnormal movements and/or sensation are described, and probing strategies are discussed (i.e. modifying the event with bolus volume, head position, swallowing maneuvers). The information presented is based in research literature, including full citations for further review. This ASHA approved course shows each swallowing event using a combination of representative video fluoroscopic studies and anatomical animations of each abnormal swallowing event.

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