If you are searching for a practical handbook covering evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders in the stroke population, Dysphagia Following Stroke, Second Edition  by Stephanie Daniels, PhD, and Maggie-Lee Huckabee, PhD might be the resource you need. Below is an exclusive review of this book from the perspective of a speech-language pathologist in the field. Dysphaga Café is also offering an exclusive discount on this book. Use promo code PLURAL20 at www.PluralPublishing.com for 20% off the print version with free global, ground shipping. To learn more about the book, view sample pages, or download as an ebook, visit www.PluralPublishing.com.

“This text provides updated and thorough information about all aspects and issues about swallowing problems in stroke patients. I have been a clinician for 25 years and a full time faculty member for 12 years and found that this text really addressed the issues that clinicians have in clinical settings. I agree with Jay Rosenbek that this is a not a book for the shelf! There are useful and informative tables for a neurologic exam, screening tools, clinical testing for cranial nerves, and more. There is a valuable discussion of cranial nerve function with a connection to neural regions and the motor actions of swallowing.

This text also has unique information regarding screening testing models and training of nurses and other professionals to accurately complete a swallowing screening test. Specific techniques are described such as the water swallow test and the MANN Assessment of swallowing along with limitations for these methods. Valuable case studies are included connecting the use of techniques such as manometry, to practical decisions for treatment. Interesting and new information is provided about using pulse oximetry to identify aspiration in dysphagic clients. It is a very important point that clinicians should understand that they are evaluating swallowing physiology through the use of different consistencies, not evaluating ingestion of different textures…

Overall, this detailed and concisely written text is beneficial for a student learning about dysphagia or a clinician treating clients with dysphagia.”

Review by Julie Raplee, MS CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Assistant professor
Communication Studies department
St. Joseph’s College, NY