We’ve asked experts in the field to challenge us with a little dysphagia pop quiz. Test your knowledge! Share with students and fellow clinicians! Put your answers in comments below and we’ll post the answers soon. Follow #dysphagiapopquiz on Twitter.

This set of questions come courtesy of Nancy J. Cohick, Ph.D. Dr. Cohick is Associate Professor of Communication Disorders at California State University Los Angeles.

1. All of the following are principal muscles involved in mastication except:

a) masseter
b) lateral pterygoid
c) temporalis
d) buccinator
e) medial pterygoid

2. In a typical swallow, onset of the apneic period commences when the bolus

a) the faucial arches
b) the point where the base of tongue crosses the lower edge of the mandible
c) the level of the valleculae
d) pyriform sinuses

3. In persons with a tracheotomy tube, the primary reason for occluding the tube during swallowing is to:

a) minimize aspiration
b) restore subglottic air pressure
c) enhance laryngeal excursion
d) more than one of the above


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