Every year SLPs all over the world think about what can they get their students, professors, interns or supervisors as a little token of appreciation for the new year. Well, here is a fun little list of some different types of trinkets and funfare.

Wine Bottle Glass 

When that long week is over and a typical glass just won’t do the trick. Netflix binge watch, here we come!

Hashtag Coaster

The SLP colleague you may be thinking of is a master “hashtagger”. After all, said person does need a place to put that wine bottle glass when tweeting or instagramming. #multitasker.

Hashtag Cookie Cutter

Now, baking cookies for the staff is just not good enough. #potluck #superstar #slpeep

Key Chain Trinket

When an SLP is shuffling through the set of 15 keys on her keychain, it is important to take some time and nerd out by identifying key anatomical landmarks. keep your eyes on the larynx at all times.

Swallow note pad

Remember making cartoon flip pads when you were a kid? This handy notepad allows you to follow the swallow.

Awkward Moment at Work Game

Have you ever had an awkward moment at work? If you said no, you are probably lying. So, why not play the awkward moment at work game? You will love it!