Yes, I attended the MBSImP seminar over one year ago. And I signed up for the online course (to get certified) while I was at the seminar.

I wanted to write a blog post about how great MBSImP training is and how it has been incredibly useful to my practice. We all want to write positive reviews, right? But more than that, we want to show where we’ve been successful. I can’t write that post though. I haven’t finished the training…

The seminar was great. I totally respect Bonnie Martin-Harris. Her team’s effort to standardize the procedure and documentation of MBSS is very needed. As an SLP working in the skilled nursing setting, I rely on other therapists to complete MBSS assessments on patients I recommend. And I rely on their documentation to determine what we’ll do next in therapy. I often didn’t get the information I wanted, not because the therapist did anything wrong. They just seemed to be looking for different things than I wanted.

So even though I wasn’t actually doing MBSS myself, I felt that it was a valuable tool and signed up to the complete the online training to become certified.

When it came time to do my online training I became frustrated, not because the material was poor or the technology was poor. Everything was fine there. Dysphagia is just difficult for me to study online independently. I found myself being just slightly off when judging aspects of the swallow. Maybe it is my computer screen, but I frequently missed the “trace” residue on studies.

I’d get frustrated and I’d quit. Then I’d pick it up again a month or two later. Rinse and repeat. I’m still not finished.

The training is good. This student doesn’t learn dysphagia well online. The nuances are too difficult to discern. Ideally the MBSImP training would be a part of a dysphagia course in graduate school or would be completed by a group of colleagues who could study and implement practices together.

I want to finish the training. (I’m a perfectionist –  must have that success!) Anyone in the Boulder/Denver, Colorado area and want to get together to hammer this out?

Join the conversation. Tell us about your experiences with MBSImP.