Class of 2016

Well, you did it! You have climbed the largest mountain and now you are ready to snowboard down. When you get to the bottom there will surely be more hills to climb and more cliches in bad graduation speeches…okay I’ll stop! The point is… graduation is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud! Getting your Masters in Communicative Disorders is not easy and you did it! There’s a lot more work around the corner, but take the time to celebrate.

The triple C’s are within reach, so keep going strong. In the meantime, here are a few titles you can claim in confidence. Sincere congratulations from Dysphagia Cafe!

  1. Sultan of Schwa

  2. Khaleesi of Bernouli

  3. Maestro of Midbrain

  4. Ruler of “/r/”

  5. Archbishop of Artic

  6. Master of Meta

  7. Virtuoso of Vagus

  8. Commander of Comps

  9. Principal of Pyriforms

  10. Monarch of Meta

Did I leave any out? Add your favorite title in the comments below!

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