I always have a hard time finding that perfect gift for my co-worker. Often times, I’m looking for that funny Secret Santa gift or I end up getting a Starbucks gift card. Well, I perused and came up with the following ideas to hopefully get you started.

Wishing you all a very happy and joyous holiday season!

Special Like A Unicorn Mug

I got this mug from my last intern and it was quite the hit. We are all special but this mug goes to that special rockstar SLP!

“I want to be an SLP like Mommy” Onesie

Why wait until they are in high school or college to brainwash them into our career. Blow away that “mommy and me” class with this SLP propoganda!

Yoda Best SLP Mug

Speak for itself, I’ll let this gift do!

Anatomy Model

Don’t just say you love anatomy but, “deck your office with lots of models, fala la la la la la la la”

Anatomy Art

I really love this piece. I’ve been seeing these a lot lately and appreciate the beauty in these organs!

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